I hope you are all well and still up for this Sundays Avon River Paddle. At this stage we have changed thing around a bit to our original plan due to the possible cooler weather and wind, so going for the more sheltered option.  Also,if anyone is keen to join me, I maybe tempted to bring out the XL Ride, so please let me know (experienced Paddlers only!!!)

So, we are now looking to Paddle from the Car Park at North Hagley park( off Park Tce, next to Christ College) to just by Avonside School, as both have easy entry and exit points. We will look to meet at Avonside Drive, just by Avonside School at 11.30am.

There are certain parts of the river that can be a bit shallow, especially if you are using a board with a long fin, so shoes/booties are a must and also if you are using a board with a long fin, you can paddle it without the fin over those points(or join us on the XL!!!) Whilst it will be a fun paddle, we will be having a few fitness session moves thrown in along the way!!!

We need to know how many people will be paddling and also who has a spare driver so we can work out a shuttle system. If you can let me know if you have a spare driver and also how many people and boards you can take and then I can coordinate from there and will send out an email later with numbers. And also dont forget to allow time for a refreshment after at Pomeroys Pub (sponsored by Andy I hear!!)

So all up it should be a fun afternoon, with a paddle, a bit of walking and a lot of fun. Not sure how long it will take, so I would block out the afternoon. Boards are available for hire and please see below for full details.

11.30am Avonside Drive(by Avonside School)

From there we will shuttle to Hagley Park

Sunday 21st May 2017

Client with own board, Paddle, Legrope and PFD    – $20

Client who needs board, Paddle, Legrope and PFD – $30

 Lifejackets and shoes/booties are  compulsory!!!

At this stage the weather looks OK, but I will make a call by 10.00am on Sunday if not on. I will email you directly if its postponed, so please make sure you have email me to let me know that you will be attending.


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