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Fitness Session, Saturday 23rd December, 8.00am, Moncks Bay

Time for 1 last session before Santa arrives!!! So this week the Fitness session will be at 8.00am at Moncks Bay- Santa Hats compulsory!! Also check out the Christchurch Paddleboarding website for all your last minute Christmas deals!! For the guys who have been coming for a while, you can still come to these Read on! →

Christchurch Paddleboarding Monday 1 day deal, Island Hopper Combo only $999-Save $400

Agenda Island Hopper Isup 11’6 Combo with Adjustable Fibreglass Paddle and Leash only $999- 1 ONLY A great all round family iSUP for longer distance paddling and flat water racing. INCLUDES: Board Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle Pump Carry Backpack Legrope IS THIS THE RIGHT BOARD FOR YOU? The ISLAND HOPPER iSUP has a narrower, longer outline than the all Read on! →


Need something for that special person, but not sure what to get?? Check out these great deals from Christchurch Paddleboarding for this Weekend only!! Agenda Adj Paddle – Glass/Plastic 2 PIECE FULL F/GLASS / PLASTIC ADJUSTABLE PADDLE “A GREAT BUDGET / FAMILY FRIENDLY PADDLE” That breaks down into 2 pieces for easy storage $159 Agenda Read on! →