Paddleboard Surf Lesson

thumbs_p1000532Once you are confident with your paddleboard on flat water, you might want to add an exciting new dimension by taking it into the surf. This is a terrific experience and a real highlight. It is essential that you have been trained in paddleboard technique and surf etiquette before you paddle into a surf line-up.

Without proper instruction, SUP surfers can be a hazard not only to themselves but to other water users. So in these lessons you will learn important safety skills, how to paddle through small surf, enhanced turning skills, wave selection, positioning and surf etiquette. This is a great introduction to paddleboard surfing.

Safety is our priority and for that reason our maximum group size is two. If you are unsure of your ability please call us to discuss further.

“Having got into the sport through James and progressed over the years, his Race training sessions are detailed to make sure you are prepared for the real thing. James has raced himself so ensures he puts you through your paces and details the sessions to include interval training, technique sessions, buoy turns as well as fitness. It has been great working towards a goal and being able to apply this with a group of people that are like minded. I find it a great, positive training environment!” Sarah.

Prices are $140 for 1 person or $180 for 2 people for a 1.5hr Lesson  (max 2)

Contact James Bradshaw 0274 031 269 or for a booking or any further information.