“THE PERFECT TRAVEL PADDLE” It breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage in your iSUP bag. Ideal for day missions or adventurer heading overseas.

Your new favourite travel companion. This paddle breaks down into 3 pieces and fits perfectly into ISUP bag. It’s the ideal solution for international travel or easy transport in the car. A simple pin system allows you to break the paddle down in seconds while its carbon construction gives strength and durability all the while being super lightweight.


(1) 3k carbon construction for strength and weight reduction. Means less fatigue and more time paddling. Weight: 600grams (+ – 10grams)

(2) Double bolt adjustable clamp. Heavy duty clamp to spread the load across two points.

(3) Ergonomically shaped handle that fits in the palm perfectly for increased comfort while paddling.

(4) 102.9inch2 blade to push more water with each stroke. As inflatable boards have more drag than hard boards, we wanted a mid-sized blade on our 3 piecepaddle to help push you along a little faster.

(5) Hexagon blade/shaft anti-twist connection point. There will be no twisting at the blade of the Agenda 3 piece paddle as the two sections lock together perfectly.

(6) Floats with good water seal around handle.

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For more information call James on 0274031269 or email info@christchurchpaddleboarding.co.nz