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“A GREAT BUDGET / FAMILY FRIENDLY PADDLE” That breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage in your iSUP bag. Ideal for day missions or adventurer heading overseas.

The Fibreglass Traveler makes for the perfect demo/rental or family paddle. Built to stand a beating, this price point value paddle does well under pressure and knows how to take a knock from the learning paddler. Constructed with preservation in mind, these paddles are finished with a strategically placed rubber edge on the blade, giving both your board and paddle that little bit extra protection. Its lightweight glass construction combined with an easy adjustable system makes it the perfect candidate for any member of the family wanting to jump in and have a go.


(1) Strong Fiberglass Shaft.

(2) Double bolt adjustable clamp. Heavy-duty clamp to spread the load across two points.

(3) Ergonomically shaped handle that fits in the palm perfectly for increased comfort while paddling.

(4) 102.9 inch blade to push more water with each stroke.

(5) Hexagon blade/shaft anti-twist connection point. There will be no twisting at the blade of the Agenda 3 piece paddle as the two sections lock together perfectly. (On 3pc model)

(6) Plastic impact resistant blade with Rubber surround to reduce board damage.

(7) Floats with good water seal around handle.

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