Why change a good thing? THE ONE has long been a stand-out in our range, consistently causing surfers to switch from their ‘old faithful’ after just one ride. A competition and/or high-performance nose rider with unmatched paddle power and flow, this is THE ONE.

Sold in four models: Ultra Comp (58.5L), Comp (60.5L), Medium Volume (69L), and High Volume (77L).


This board has a high performance outline. We have cut all the meat from the nose and tail to give the board super lively attributes. The tuned bottom third (tail end) of the board is super lively with plenty of hold when the rail is engaged with minimal loss of momentum. The nose is refined also without giving up any nose riding ability. It’s rounded pin tail makes for silky smooth transitions between turns.


The single concave under the nose makes time on the nose a breeze. The transition under the mid section of the board is perfect for pushing through flat sections of the wave while the double concave in the tail provides a steady hold when carving.


A low entry rocker under your chest provides maximum paddling and speed. The extra tail rocker in this high performance mal provides a desired amount of lift to allow for sharper turns where it matters. The right balance of the rocker profile allows for critical turns and stable nose rides when in the critical section of the wave.

Model Legnth Width Thick Volume
Ultra Comp 9’0 22 1/4 2 5/8 58.5
Comp 9’0 23 2 5/8 60.5
Medium 9’0 23 2 7/8 69
Large 9’0 23 3/4 2 7/8 77

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