Protect your paddle, your board, yourself and other water users! This upgrade to your paddle takes 10 seconds to install and is the best $25 you’re going to spend on the sport.

Blade Runner is the latest generation of paddle blade protector, manufacturered with an integral 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive along the inside along its entire length. So no need to mess about with blobs of superglue! Blade Runner will give you a firm bond along the whole of its length. It’s made from pliable and abrasion resistant PVC, and is available in two sizes to cope with paddle blade edges ranging from 1m to 6mm thick.

It takes just 10 seconds to install, and it’s the best insurance for your board and your paddle that you’re ever going to get! This purpose-built flexible edging for your paddle blade is an absolute MUST-HAVE. Unprotected, your paddle is an offensive weapon – it will take chunks out of the rail of your board, out of you, and out of any unfortunate water users who happen to get too close to you. Fit Blade Runner and all those risks go away. It has absolutely no adverse effect on the paddle’s performance. Whereas an unprotected paddle will quickly pick up dings and chips on its edge, which do have an effect.

It takes no glue and no technical ability whatsoever to install. You’d be mad not to use it. It’s the best $25 you’re going to spend on the sport.

Vital Statistics

Small (1-4mm blade)

For fine-edged carbon paddles

Large (3-6mm blade)

For thicked edged alu, moulded and wooden paddle blades

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