If storage space is at a premium, or travelling with your paddle is a high priority, then the superb three-piece MAX fiberglass SUP paddle is the ideal solution. Adjustable over a 20cm range of lengths.

This super-robust adjustable-length SUP paddle easily breaks down into 3 pieces.

The blade is constructed from a fiberglass/nylon compound, giving a highly durable yet very slightly pliable finish, that is kind on your equipment (and you), yet it still generates plenty of power. The slightly scooped blade gives a fabulous catch and effortless release. Accent paddles are made with an accelerating di-hedral design, for optimal performance. The tip of the blade has a shallow di-hedral accelerating to a more pronounced aggressive di-hedral towards the shaft. This blending of the di-hedral allows for stability and control without loss of power (see the diagram).

The paddle features a smooth-finished, warm-to-the-touch fiberglass shaft. The length adjustment offers 5 position options, each 5cm apart, and uses a double spring clip system to lock the handle section in at the required length.

The parts are carefully machined so they fit together beautifully. Each paddle is built as a specific entity, a unique construct. There is no wobble or significant loss of stiffness at the join, even when the paddle is at its longest extension.

The paddle is available in 4 base sizes. Choose the size nearest to your general requirements. Avoid paddles offering too much adjustment length, they invariably become wobbly after a while.

If you’re wanting a lighter, more sophisticated version of this paddle, check out our MAX CARBON range. Also look at the COMBO PADDLE and VERSA PADDLE for further options in three-piece paddles.

Vital Statistics




black glass


double button

Regular 3 piece (small)

152cm – 172cm

Regular 3 piece (medium)

172cm – 192cm

Regular 3 piece (large)

188cm – 208cm

Regular 3 piece (XL)

198c, – 218cm

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