Set: 3 Fins

Base: 116.9mm | 4.8″
Depth: 133.3mm | 5.25″
Sweep: 32.9 Degrees

Base: 116mm | 4.55″
Depth: 118mm | 4.64″
Sweep: 33 Degrees


Carbon with Blue Web Inlay


Designed by Australian SUP and Longboard Champion Jackson Close, the JC01 Signature template is designed for progessive surfing and stand up paddle boarding. The outline is upright allowing for privotal surfing that is in line with modern day surfing. This template provides quick accerleration and great hold for tight turns with the smaller centre fin giving quick release.


The Carbon Stealth Series is at the forefront of fin design and development utilising the latest in Compression Resin Transfer Moulding Technology to combine the benefits of Carbon Fibre & Comp Core-Lite® Foam Core. The result is an ultra light-weight fin with a precision flex pattern that maximises acceleration, speed, drive and control. The Carbon Fibre leading edge combined with large Comp Core-Lite® Foam Core controls the rate of flex whilst optimising a kinetic flex memory. The Stealth Series amasses energy and then releases it, delivering extra acceleration and drive. Shapers Carbon Stealth Series Fins utilise an Inner Performance Foil with a slick matt finish.

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