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Set: 5 Fins

Base: 120mm | 4.72″
Depth: 133.3mm | 5.25″
Sweep: 32.9 Degrees
Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology)

Base: 116mm | 4.55″
Depth: 118mm | 4.64″
Sweep: 33 Degrees
Foil: 50/50

Base: 110mm | 4.33″
Depth: 111mm | 4.37″
Sweep: 32.9 Degrees
Foil: 80/20


Carbon with Red, Yellow & Orange


Designed by Australian SUP and Longboard Champion Jackson Close, the JC01 4+1 Signature template is designed for progessive surfing and to take stand up paddle boarding to the next level. The outline is upright allowing for privotal surfing that is in line with modern day surfing. The Front Side Fins are X-large and the Rear Trailer Fins are Large making this set a tad looser for more aggressive surfing yet quick accerleration. The smaller Centre Fin allows for quick release yet a nice hold for tight turns. This 5 Fin set gives the progressive SUP surfer the option to run a Quad set up, Thruster set up or a complete 5 Fin set up depending on the conditions or demands of the surfer.


The Carbon Flare Series is a pure performance construction, Lightweight and strong. The carbon base creates a stiff base and allows the fin to flex in a way that releases energy between transitions that provides maximum acceleration and drive. The use RTM (Resin Transfer Method) to combine Carbon at the base of the fin and the Comp Core-Lite® Foam Core results in a construction that results in a lightweight responsive flex pattern.

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