A spray-on deck grip for SUP and surfboards that really works!

At last, you can now apply a grip to your board’s deck without covering up the graphics with pads or a messy wax job. Simply spray on some MONSTER and your board will still look great but most importantly, you’ll stay on!

This fabulous product really works and is hugely endorsed (see below). When someone like Gerry Lopez puts his name to a product you know it’s going to be good! Gerry says: “I recommend Monster Paint, the non-slip clear texture coating that brilliantly shows the manufactures label, Hawaiian Prints, Airbrush Colors, Pin Line and even any stick-on Logos. Don’t worry about slipping off ever again.”

It’s also really good for your paddles. Just spray onto the shaft in the area around where you put your hand and you’ll instantly notice improved and more direct and immediate performance.

One tin of Monster will do several boards (or several coats onto your one board). Great for surfboards too – check out the pics of the guys hanging 10…

Visit the Monster NZ website for a whole lot more information and videos about the product.

The list of pros and industry players using this stuff is immense. It’s recommended and used by the Worlds’ best surfers, board manufacturers, elite waterman and surf legends, including:

Candice Appleby – Longboard/SUP Surfer, Elite Waterman, Honolulu, Hawaii, Team SURFTECH

Jim Brewer – SUP Surfer, Owner: Blueline Paddle Surf, Santa Barbara: www.bluelinepaddlesurf.com

Ron House – SUP Surfer/Shaper, Owner: Ron House Surfboards ronhousepaddlesurf.com

Gerry Lopez – Master Banzai Pipeline, Professional Extreme Sports Athlete: www.gerrylopezsurfboards.com

Chuck Patterson – Winner: 1st Annual Rainbow Sandals “Gerry Lopez” Battle of the Paddle, Professional Extreme Sports Athlete: www.chuckpattersonsports.com

Dave Kalama – Hawaiian Waterman, Pioneer of Tow-In Surfing, Naish SUP Board Team and Product Design.

Michi Schweiger – SUP/Sailboard, Waterman, Naish Sails Hawaii, Maui, Hawaii

Leleo Kinimaka – Hawaiian Waterman, SUP Surfer, Owner: Kinimaka ku iluna Paddles kinimakakuiluna.com

Titus Kinimaka – Hawaiian Waterman, SUP Surfer, Musician, Owner: Titus Kinimaka’s – Hawaiian School of Surfing

Alfredo Marcos Lino Villas-Boas – SUP Surfer, Maui Lifeguard, Waterman – Maui Hawaii

Dan Gavere – SUP, Kayak, Outrigger Pro, Werner Paddles – Southwest and Hawaii Sales Representative

Jeff Clark – Surfer/Shaper, Waterman, Mavericks Big Wave Pioneer, Owner: Jeff Clark Surfboards

Sam Pa’e – Hawaiian SUP Surfer – Focus Surfboards – Makaha, Oahu HI

Byron and Noah Yap – SUP Surfers, Carve Boarder, Paddle Surf Hawaii Team Rider, Maui, HI

Frank Forbes – SUP Surfer, Owner SUP Sonic Paddle Boards, Maui, HI

Tom English – SUP Surfer, President Aloha Wealth Management, Surf Film Producer: Monster Paint Traction DVD: alohawealth.com

Rick Thomas – SUP Surfer, BoardWorks/C4 Waterman, The mainlands “Father of SUP” Pioneer

Terry Senate – Surfer/Shaper, Owner Terry Senate Surfboards, San Clemente, California

Randy French – SUP Surfer & Waterman, Owner: SURFTECH, Santa Cruz, California

Jeff Alter – SUP Surfer & Waterman, Owner Hobie Sports, hobie.com

Mickey Munoz – Surfer/Shaper & Waterman, Owner Mickey Munoz Surfboards, Capistrano Beach, California

The list goes on. You get the picture – this stuff works! Don’t delay, get yourself a tin right now!

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