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The Red Race will amaze you. Faster than you ever thought an inflatable board could be.

This board means business.A stripped down racing thoroughbred. Weight is saved by having deck grip in only the most essential areas.

The Rocker line is designed to give fast glide and ride. The single nose fin helps tracking and two side runner fins in the tail aid stability in chop. The centre fin gives just the right amount of grip without adding drag. Fly-Away races are now a reality. Just pack up and attend any race anywhere in the world – no hassles. Whilst other inflatable race boards have to race against their own breed, the Red Race is competitive against existing hard board designs.

The board comes fitted with our patented RSS system. The side rockets are inserted into special pockets on the rails to produce a stiffer board. A revolution in inflatable technology.

  • Central stiffening strip
  • Nose runner fins to aid tracking
  • Central carry handle. More comfortable than before
  • New high pressure valve
  • New carry bag – front loading, comfortable to carry to any race, anywhere in the world
  • Board size printed on tail and nose for easy ID.
  • US fin box for race tuning

As travelling with your race board now holds no limitations and no excess baggage costs, we thought we would put together the ultimate global tour for you and your Red Paddle Co 12’6 Race, stopping off at all the major events over the year.

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340 Litres

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