$1,149.00 $799.00

Your chance to grab a Red Air 12.6 Race at this awesome price. In good condition. Comes with a pump  and everything you would expect from the Red Air Stable.It wont last long at this price..

Red Paddle Co have used every trick in their very extensive knowledge base on how to make great inflatables, to create this truly awesome board. It is completely competitive against any other 26″ wide board in the 12’6 Race board class, (and much faster than any other brand of inflatable raceboard thanks to the patented RSS technology), yet still with all the benefits and convenience that a quality inflatable board offers. The amazing combination of 150mm high-density dropstitch, a supertough construction that can withstand up to 40psi of internal pressure, and the patented RSS stiffening technology, means you really don’t know that you’re on an inflatable when you’re riding this board (except if you fall off and it hits you)

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340 litres

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