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The cruiser in the Red Air range. Stable, speedy and with lots of volume. Near race board performance, yet with a whole lot of extra stability too. A board for exploring, camping, long cruises when you’re needing to carry kit, fishing and much more.

Very fast, yet soooo stable. This board has a huge amount of volume; the amazing combination of 150mm high-density dropstitch, that extra width and a super tough construction that can withstand up to 40psi of internal pressure, means you really don’t know that you’re on an inflatable when you’re riding this board.

With fixing points fore and aft for carrying cargo, this is the perfect board for long distance cruising and expedition paddleboarding. But it’s also great for putting the whole family on or riding tandem. It’s extremely fast yet, unlike most longer boards, still has a very high fun factor too.

The board comes with a Classic finbox and removable fin. So you can use higher performance fins in the board if you wish.

All Red Air boards come with a carrying bag (with rucksack straps), a repair kit (not that you’ll need it but better safe than sorry), and a very powerful especially designed high-tech pump fitted with a pressure gauge so you know when you’ve got enough air inside. It only takes 3-4 minutes to fully inflate the board with this pump – awesome! A 12v electrical pump is also available, and we’d recommend that if you operate the board at pressures of 25psi+

Red Air are now firmly established as the world’s leading brand of inflatable paddleboards – leading the market in almost every country with a paddleboarding scene. The brand only makes inflatable stand up paddleboards. They’ve spent the last 5 years working full-time on mastering this entirely new manufacturing technology and their expertise and attention to detail really shows. While there are now many brands of inflatable paddleboard on the market, the unique and complex internal construction and multi-layered skin used by Red Air allows their paddleboards to be safely inflated to internal pressures of up to 40PSI – more than twice what most other brands can handle.

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370 Litres

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