This involves an hour’s energetic paddling following specific routes, for clients who are judged by Christchurch Paddleboarding staff to be fit enough.

These are somewhat less weather dependent, as a headwind adds a good extra element to the workout. However, we will not go out if the conditions are too extreme.

Because we’re aiming to cover some useful distance, this activity requires a relatively cruising-orientated paddleboard. Wave boards, or very short wide beginner boards, aren’t going to be fast enough to keep up.

“Geoff fitness sessions are a great way to improve your paddling and general fitness, it will improve your techniques and confidence if just getting into paddle boarding. I love going along and seeing loads of new people getting into the sport and improving, great way to socialise and enjoy the lovely Sumner fresh air.” Sarah.

Bring your own paddleboard or hire one of ours.

The sessions are conducted at Moncks Bay and are usually on weekends or midweek early mornings. To be part these contact me to be on the weekly mailing list.

1 Person $15 with Purchased Christchurch Paddleboarding board.

1 Person $25 with own board.

4 Min in group


Contact Geoff Henry on 021 2567 510 or CONTACT US for further enquiries.