When you give someone a SUP gift voucher you will be providing them with access to all the basic skills they will need to try the world’s fastest growing water sport – and fall in love with it.

You can purchase a private lesson voucher, a group lesson voucher or even a hire voucher. See Prices Below:


A Private Lesson Voucher: 1-on-1 is $100 - PURCHASE HERE

A Private Lesson for 2 or 3; $75 per person - CONTACT US

A Group Lesson Voucher: 3 to 6 is $50 per person - CONTACT US

A Half Day Hire Voucher is $35 - PURCHASE HERE

A Full Day Hire Voucher is $50 - PURCHASE HERE

Lessons are usually run on Saturday mornings and occasionally midweek mornings depending on availability (December to January only). We don’t run lessons in the afternoon due to the prevailing winds!!

Just email or call us to arrange a voucher on 021 2567 510 or CONTACT US.