This is the perfect introduction to learning how to Paddleboard. You will learn about weather assessment, beach and estuary/harbour hazards, self rescue, posture, balance and equipment. You will become familiar with the board and paddling techniques. The lesson is jam-packed with useful tips and techniques so you quickly gain your confidence.

Our lessons follow a tried and tested teaching format, beginning with some onshore discussion and practise, then getting you onto the water, and culminating in a  cruise  to enable you to put what you’ve learned into practise.

At the end of our beginner lesson you will have enough understanding, ability and information to take your paddleboarding further at your own pace. However, if you have ambitions to improve your paddleboarding and/or venture out into the surf, we’d recommend taking at least one further intermediate lesson to increase your skills and understanding.

“If you are wanting to try paddle boarding for the first time or looking for a one on one session to improve your technique then Geoffs’ lessons are great. Geoff is awesome, knowledgeable, honest and very patient, lessons are extremely fun and interactive. His sessions are tailored to groups or individuals and I think are well worth it to learn water safety and technique which are a key part of paddle boarding especially if you haven’t spent much time out in the water.” Sarah.

Lessons take place at Cass Bay Lyttelton Harbour.

1.25 hours including equipment

1 person private $125

2 person          $185

3-4 person      $70 pp

5 - 6 people      $60 pp

Contact Geoff Henry 021 2567 510 or CONTACT US to make a booking or for any further information.