Who we are

Christchurch Paddleboarding is owned by Horizons Unlimited (Sept 2022). Previously Geoff and prior to this, James established Christchurch Paddleboarding. Horizons is a small business which now has an extra arm. We are very excited. SUP delivery has been core to Horizons Unlimited delivery and we aim to deliver amazing, engaging and education rich SUP classes in the Canterbury area. 

Established in 1993, Horizons Unlimited is a privately owned, independent Christchurch team building, training and development company.

Working with clients throughout Australasia, we specialise in Christchurch leadership courses, team building and development programmes for individuals, teams and organisations.

We are one of Christchurch's most active training providers and we recognise that the success of our company is totally dependent upon the skills and enthusiasm of our staff. We place high priority on our ability to work effectively as a team, and to maintain total quality as a training provider.

The Horizons' team of Christchurch training providers combines the skills and experience of training and development consultants, facilitators, and leading outdoor professionals. We have worked with a broad range of organisations in New Zealand and overseas, as front line staff, team leaders and senior managers. This mix of training, team leadership, and management experience enables us to identify well with our clients, their needs and requirements, and helps us to provide a practical approach to programme design and delivery.


You'll find our team of training providers to be:

Motivated & motivating - With drive and enthusiasm to burn

Passionate & compassionate - We care about what we do, and who we work with

Reliable & professional - Self assured and self reliant

Skilled & experienced - Leading edge capability & flexibility (we'll do whatever it takes to make it work)


Visit us to know more at www.horizons.co.nz