There are five different models of Red Paddle Co boards available. We do have Race Boards available on request. Contact us for more info.

Each board comes with a purpose-designed pump which allows the board to be inflated quickly and without too much effort. (You can inflate them fully in about 4-5 minutes).There is also a repair kit and a rucksack for transportation and storage. All paddleboards come with a paddle, legrope and life jacket.

Hire Prices

Half day hire-$35.00 (Pick up is from Sumner)

Full day hire-$50.00  (Pick up is from Sumner)

Weekend Hire- $80 (Pick up is from Sumner) Can Pick up Friday Eve

Weekly Hire-From $175 (Pick up is from Sumner)

Delivery can be arranged: POA

Specialised paddleboard wetsuits can also be hired at $10 per day or $5 for half a day.

To hire a board simply choose a board from the range below and then either

Call  on 021 2567 510 or CONTACT US via email.

A credit card deposit is required for hire, which is refundable if goods are returned in the same condition as they were taken. Photo ID is also required.

10'8-RIDE_TOPRed Air Ride 10.8

At 34″ wide this board will suit the heavier rider or anyone looking for an easier life. A great flat water board but still with enough rocker to enjoy tackling smaller waves. This board will take over 150kgs.

Cruising: The widest inflatable on the market, giving you an easy ride

Surfing: Great for the larger person in small waves

logo_tecairLength: 10.8″

Width: 34″

10'6-RIDE_TOPRed Air Ride 10.6

With a decent quantity of preshaped rocker, the 10.6 is great fun in the

waves but is directional enough to be a comfortable cruiser in

most conditions.

Cruising: Great width for an easy ride

Surfing: You can catch anything on this

Length: 10’6 (320cm)

Width: 32″)logo_tecair

Red Air Ride 9.8

9'8-RIDE_TOPThe all-rounder in the Red Air range for the lighter user. With quite a lot of preshaped rocker, the 9.8 is great fun in the waves but is

still directional enough to be a decent cruiser, in anything other

than strong upwind battles. A popular all-rounder with lighter riders

as it feels more lively and responsive underfoot than the 10’6 or 11′

Cruising: Comfortable cruising performance

Surfing: Enough rocker to be fun. Best suited to the sub 85kg rider

Length: 9.8 (298cm)

Width: 31″ (80cm)logo_rsslogo_tecair

Red Air Sport 11

Red 11 The Sport  offer a step up from the Ride family and have been designed for the more experienced paddler to deliver more speed and dynamic performance (although they’re not race boards). Their secret lies in their shape. They’re narrower than a Ride, so they cut through the water more cleanly, and the drawn-out nose section gives them more glide across the water.The 11’0” offers fast inflation and great flat-water performance for riders up to 90kg/198lb

Cruising: Awesome high performance cruiser

Surfing: Catches great Runners out the back

Length: 11″

Width:: 30″


board_92_surfstarRed Air 9.2

The ripper in the Red Air range. Short and throwabout, yet stiff and enough width to give plenty of stability for anyone under 80kg. Lots

of pre-shaped rocker gives a nice high nose for great surfing performance

but it’s directional enough to be easy to catch waves. Indeed, it’s a fun

mal-style surfboard in its own right – and/or a great all-rounder for kids!

Cruising: Okay for lighter folk in flat conditions

Surfing: A whole lot of fun – nice for normal surfing too. A great all-rounder for kids!

Length: 9’4 (285cm)

Width: 29.5″ (75cm)logo_rsslogo_tecair